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Stainless steel media wet tumbling. Wet tumbling with stainless steel media (small pins) has been around a while but really took off a couple of years ago. Using a rotary wet tumbler, the brass, stainless steel media and water are mixed for a couple of hours for fantastic results.

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By Jason Koplin, Forum Member Summary: This article shows how to clean brass inside and out using small stainless steel pins from STM, Stainless Tumbling Media. This does not harm the cartridge brass and the results are excellent. A water-tight, rotary tumbler is required along with the stainless media. I have been reloading for ten years.

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Stainless steel tumbling media are perfect for use on any metal that has a hardness of less than or equal to the 302/304 stainless steel alloy material that the media itself is manufactured with. Some stainless steel tumbling media are also magnetized by their manufacturers to allow for easy pickup and separation with a strong magnet.

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3/8/2020 · The stainless steel media that is included is made to clean your brass thoroughly, polishing and providing a like new appearance. Plus, the dual sifter system is a huge advantage, as it allows you to separate the media pans from your cases after they have gone through the Rotary tumbling process.

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11/28/2011 · The Thumbler's Tumbler Rock Tumbler Model "B" 15 pound High Speed 3000RPM Motor, 40 RPM Drum Speed, is a WET TUMBLING METHOD with a ROTARY NOT A VIBRATING TUMBLER. 1 Gallon of Water= 8 pounds 5 Pounds of "MARKS" Stainless Steel Media (.041/.042 Dia. x .252/.255 in length and Magnetic to aid with removal. 2 pounds total weight of any BRASS.

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This product is stainless steel media. This is the stainless steel media that we use to clean all of our brass and is the only media that we recommend. These chips measure approximately 1.43mm x 3.45mm. This media is designed to work with rotary tumblers with water and cleaning solution. It is not designed to be used in vibratory tumblers.

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Stainless steel pin media, cylindrical in shape and magnetic in 2 pound (.9kg) pack. This media is magnetic, allowing it to be picked up easily with magnets. Stainless steel pellet pin media is designed to work best for polishing brass, but will work with many other applications.

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Carbon Steel Tumbling Media is used for burnishing and polishing metals. The high bulk density exerts added pressure to a mass of parts producing a high shine in reduced finishing times. Carbon Steel Tumbling Media is also used for surface work-hardening. Products News/Blog.

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STAINLESS STEEL TUMBLING MEDIA . $0.00.I've had a lot of emails asking what type of stainless media I use to get my brass so shiny and clean so I decided to start selling it..THIS IS THE BEST MEDIA FOR WET TUMBLING ON THE MARKET!!!

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10/8/2015 · Stainless Steel Tumbling Media . Stainless steel tumbling media allows for faster finishing times and reduces the storage, maintenance, and handling costs common to carbon steel media. Rust inhibitors are usually unnecessary and maintenance procedures for overnight and longer-term shutdowns are considerably simplified.

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Brass and Bullet Packs (1) Bulk / Wholesale (6) Calibers (66) Nickel Brass (9) Processed Brass (22) Reloading Bullets (7) Subscriptions (5) Tumbling Media (3) SAVE 10% Right NOW! 10% off any order of $50 or more. Only use once, does not apply to Wholesale or brass processing.

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Stainless Steel Tumbling Media by guntap is the premier tumbling media to clean, deburr, and burnish all types of metal parts, especially brass cartridges used by handloaders. The pins can be used to clean brass cases with any primer...

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Tumbling media for brass includes porcelain media, stainless steel pins, corn cob as well as walnut shell media. Brass firearm cartridges are the most popular parts to be tumbled. Because brass is a soft metal, so it does not require much effort to get it clean and polish.

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Steel tumbling media is an extremely effective solution for a variety of materials and applications. It is manufactured in a varied selection of shapes, sizes and alloys to meet a wide range of needs. Shapes . Balls. Ball media manufactured to ABMA standards delivers high polished services free from visual defects or irregularities.

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1/7/2012 · Everything i find about tumbling cases with stainless media is a wet process. I'm just wondering if it is possible to tumble brass with stainless without water. It seems like it would work, but I am new to this stuff and could easily be wrong.

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1 lb .047x.255 in Stainless Steel Pellet Pins Tumbling Media Be the first to review this product Low cost flat rate shipping for this part is available to all 50 states, $7.80 up to 10 lbs by USPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box or $14.95 per 50 lbs by Medium Flat Rate Box.

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Now let’s talk about why you should switch to stainless media for tumbling: High Effectiveness: The pin-like stainless media is so effective that it fits all the holes and make the brass shine and polished like gold. You can’t get this same result with anything else. Just talk about the satisfaction after cleaning them with stainless media.